Ocean Swell Adventure Craft

Australian builder of “Resin Infused” Vacuum bagged Carbon Epoxy Outriggers. These outrigger canoes are the lightest you can achieve for maximum strength with current technologies.

About Ocean Swell

Ocean Swell is owned and managed by Phil Bensted, who has many years experience in slalom and white water canoeing, sailing, surfing plus sport aviation. It’s this love of reading the elements whether that be on the ocean or in the air that has brought Phil to outrigger canoeing. It’s after completing his own composite aircraft that Phil was looking for a new challenge and this came in the form of Outrigging.

Wahoo OC1 Outrigger Canoe - Ocean Swell Adventure Craft
Outrigger Canoes - Ocean Swell Adventure Craft

Our Craft

At Ocean Swell, we distribute and manufacture the latest model canoes for the active outrigger. We specialise in the Wahoo line; designed to rough the Australian conditions and ocean swells. The recent addition of the Wahoo Max O3 Sailing Canoe has also meant greater variety in our line of crafts and more options for the larger group of active outriggers. 

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