OC3 Sailing Canoe

The OC3 Sailing Outrigger Canoe is individually handcrafted, made from the latest composite materials to ensure it maintains the highest strength and durability. It has been designed with the harshness of the ocean in mind with its lightweight construction, shape and is designed to handle the swell and surfing the waves.

The canoe has been built to allow for equal weight distribution of its occupants, meaning easier manoeuvrability in the water and enhanced steering capabilities.

The OC3 Sailing Canoe incorporates reinforced iako mounts with iako attachments raising an additional 3” on the canoe hull and ama. This additional height clearance allows for better water clearance when sailing in rough seas.

Resin Infused Vac bagged Epoxy Full Carbon 68kg – contact us for a price quote.

OC3 Sailing Canoe - Ocean Swell Adventure Craft


OC3 Sailing Canoe - Ocean Swell Adventure Craft