Wahooo MAX Pro

The Wahooo Max Pro is the third generation outrigger canoe by Ocean Swell. As the latest design, it features all of the necessary adjustments to the existing design and has been modified to better suit the active outrigger paddler.  The Wahooo Max Pro is streamlined with a beam of 420mm and overall length of 7.8m while still providing maximum buoyancy for minimum wetted area thus providing less drag to power ratio.

Extremely fast and agile, the Wahooo Max Pro is designed for all weather and race conditions. Excellent flat water speed, superior into wind performance and a joy for the down hill enthusiasts. A new slimline ama has a low profile for cutting through water bumps and maintaining stability for the paddler. Splash guard added to help prevent excess water reaching the footwells. 

Wahooo MAX Pro - Outrigger Canoes - Ocean Swell Adventure Craft

The point of difference in the Wahooo Max Pro is the flexibility for the active paddler to adjust the seat into the most comfortable foot and leg position. The edge of the canoe wraps around the edge of the seat for a clean profile. This allows the rider to have more control over the movement of the canoe sitting in a slightly lower position. 


Pricing (inc GST)

  • Resin Infused Vac bagged Epoxy Full Carbon 17.5kgs – contact us for a price.

Extra spares available for purchase

  • Ama (resin infused vac bagged) carbon 2.2kg $ 900
  • Iakos (set) $200
Outrigger Canoes - Ocean Swell Adventure Craft