Wahoo OC1

IMGP2077-2-300x225The Wahooo is the current outrigger canoe design from Ocean Swell. Building on the success of the Piranha , the Wahooo has been designed for Australia’s open water conditions, to maximize the full potential of our ocean swells while still providing excellent power into wind and flat water speed. The Wahooo is more streamlined than the Piranha with a reduced beam of 360mm (14”) and shorter overall length of 6.2m (20’ 5”) while still providing maximum buoyancy for minimum wetted area thus providing less drag to power ratio.

Extremely fast and agile, the Wahooo is designed for all weather and race conditions. Excellent flat water speed, superior into wind performance and a joy for the down hind enthusiasts. High position front iako mount ensures water clearance and well veed deck provides volume and quick water shedding. A veed rear tail deck also allows the clearance of water, enabling the canoe to accelerate down the back of the waves whilst punching out.

Being agile the Wahooo gives the paddler a feel for the bumps, like riding a short surfboard. Whilst enjoying the ride the paddler can experience the comfort of a carbon encased computer cut seat that gives max comfort and flexibility with a fully adjustable sliding track. So much so, these seats are highly sort after by other brand canoe paddlers, check out our Accessories for details.

Again like the Piranha the standard Wahooo is Super Light carbon canoe of 9-10kgs. Constructed using the latest “Resin Infusion” technique, ensuring superior construction to that of normal vacuum bagging. Check out our Construction page to see why our canoes are of superior ensuring the maximum strength to weight ratio possible today.


  • Super light and strong – Hull wt. 9-10kgs (19-22lbs)  Ama  1.7kgs (3.7lbs)
  • “Resin Infused” epoxy for max. strength to weight ratio
  • Full carbon for stiffness
  • Quick fit iakos
  • Quick release retractable leg rope
  • Computer cut foam seat encased in light weight carbon shell for superior comfort with sliding track.
  • Footwell drains standard
  • Full set of soft covers for hull and ama
  • Length  6.2m (20′ 5”)  Beam .36m (15″)
  • Available in a wide range of colours


  • Complete canoe with ama and set of iako: $4,600 inc GST
    Resin Infused Vac bagged Epoxy Full Carbon

Spare parts

  • Ama (resin infused vac bagged) carbon 1.7kg, $ 750 inc gst
  • Iakos (set) $175 inc gst